microclimate.network is an initiative for the improved outdoor environment. The global change is influencing our everyday life through changing weather and climate patterns, which have negative impacts on health in an urban environment and food production in the countryside. Our aim is to raise awareness on this issues and try to help users by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and latest findings in applied science to achieve these goals.

microclimate.network features an open platform, where you can share and monitor air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure. The platform is built on LoRaWAN technology, which enables long-term and free data streams, without Wi-Fi and 2G/4G. The platform enables anyone to freely monitor data streams. You can also be part of the project by connecting your own DIY, off-the-shelf or certified MicroClimate sensor at the location you desire.

In the future, available measured data will be used to provide on-top insights. The platform will provide real-time frost alerts and temperature heatmap. Frost alerts come in the form of the valuable real-time notification on the potential frost for growers. Heat maps will help you to quantify urban heat island potential in real time and find the closest cooler micro-location during heatwaves.